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92:1  "By the night when it veils (with darkness),"
92:2  "and the day when it shines brightly,"
92:3  "and the One Who created the male and the female,"
92:4  surely your efforts are directed towards different goals
92:5  "As for the one who gives (in charity) and fears Allah,"
92:6  "and is a truthful witness to (His) goodness,"
92:7  We will ease his way to comfort (in the Next Life)
92:8  "But as for the stingy one who thinks he needs no one,"
92:9  and lies about (Allah's) goodness
92:10  We will ease his way to hardship
92:11  His wealth will not save him when he perishes (in the Fire)
92:12  "Surely it is for Us to give guidance,"
92:13  and surely to Us belong the end and the beginning (of all things)
92:14  So I warn you of a blazing Fir
92:15  none but the most miserable will enter it -
92:16  he who denies the Truth and turns his back
92:17  But the most righteous will be taken far away from it -
92:18  "he who gives away his wealth to purify himself,"
92:19  "without thought of reward or favour,"
92:20  but only the desire to see the Face of his Lord Most High
92:21  he will surely reach complete satisfaction