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ad-Dhuha (The Morning Hours, The Early Hours, Morning Bright)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Morning Hours, The Early Hours, Morning Bright(ad-Dhuha)
93:1 By the growing morning bright (when the sun gains height and spreads its radiance), Or (O My Esteemed Beloved,) I swear by (your holy face glowing like) the growing morning bright, (the radiant face, whose effulgence has illumined the dark souls,) Or By (the growing sunshine of your Messengership rising like) the morning bright (whose radiance has replaced the darkness of ignorance with the enlightenment of guidance,)
93:2 And by the night when it covers up, Or (O My Esteemed Beloved,) I swear by (your fragrant tresses spread like) the sprawling murky night (over your effulgent face and shoulders,) Or By (the veil of your essence that is keeping under layered covers your real nucleus of radiance like) the dark night when it envelops,
93:3 (Ever since He has chosen you,) your Lord has not forsaken you. Nor is He displeased (ever since He has taken you as His Beloved).
93:4 Indeed, every following hour is a better (source of eminence and exaltation) for you than the preceding one.
93:5 And soon your Lord shall bestow upon you (so much) that you will be well-pleased.
93:6 (O Beloved!) Did He not find you an orphan, and then provided you (a dignifying and graceful) abode? Or Did He not find you (compassionate) and provided (in your person) a shelter for orphans?
93:7 And He found you engrossed and lost in His love and then made you achieve the coveted objective. Or And He found in you (a leader) for a straying people so He provided them guidance (through you).
93:8 And He found you seeking (closeness with your Lord), and (then blessed you with the pleasure of His sight and) freed you of every need (forever). Or And He found you compassionate and benevolent, then (through you) made the destitute non-liable.
93:9 So, never should you be strict with any orphan,
93:10 Nor reproach any beggar (seeking help at your door),
93:11 And proclaim (well) the bounties of your Lord.


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