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92:1  By the night when it covers up (and conceals everything in its darkness)
92:2  And by the day when it brightens up
92:3  And by that Being Who created male and female (in everything)
92:4  Indeed, your striving is different (and singular)
92:5  So he who gives away (his wealth in the way of Allah) and commits himself to piousness
92:6  And affirms the good (the Din [Religion]) of truth and life after death through charity and Godwariness)
92:7  Soon We shall facilitate him in seeking (Allah’s pleasure) with ease
92:8  But he who is miser and disregards (spending in the cause of Allah)
92:9  And (in this way) denies the good (the Din [Religion]) of truth and afterlife)
92:10  Soon shall We facilitate his landing into hardship (advancing towards torment, so that punishment becomes his rightful due)
92:11  And his wealth will not help him any way when he falls into (the pit of) destruction
92:12  Indeed, it is binding on Us to show you the path (of truth)
92:13  And indeed, We are the Master of the Hereafter and the world
92:14  So I have warned you of the raging Fire (of Hell)
92:15  No one shall enter it but the most wretched
92:16  He who gives lie to (the Din [Religion] of truth) and turns away (from obedience to the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him])
92:17  But the most pious one shall be saved from this (Fire)
92:18  Who gives his wealth away (in the cause of Allah) to attain to purity (of his soul and assets)
92:19  And who owes no favour to anyone that he is seeking to pay back
92:20  Rather (he spends) seeking the pleasure of his Lord, Most High
92:21  And soon shall he be well-pleased (with Allah for His bestowal and Allah with him for his fidelity)