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89:1  "By the dawn,"
89:2  "and the ten nights,"
89:3  "and the even and the odd,"
89:4  "and the night when it passes,"
89:5  Is there not an oath in this for a thinking person
89:6  Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with (the people of) ??d
89:7  Of (the city of) Iram with towering pillars
89:8  nothing like it was built in any other land
89:9  "And with the peple of Tham?d, who carved out (huge) rocks in the valely,"
89:10  and with Pharaoh of the Stakes
89:11  "They (all) rebelled (against Allah) in these lands,"
89:12  "and added corruption to corruption,"
89:13  So your Lord let loose on them a variety of punishments
89:14  Surely your Lord is always watching (over everything)
89:15  "As for man, whenever his Lord tests him by honouring and blessing him with comfort, he says (proudly), 'My Lord has honoured me!'"
89:16  "But when He tests him (with troubles) and limits his income, he says, 'My Lord has humiliated me.'"
89:17  "No, but you do not honour the orphan,"
89:18  and you do not urge each other to feed the poor
89:19  "and you greedily consume the inheritance (of the weak),"
89:20  and you are (madly) in love with money and riches
89:21  "No, when th earth is ground to dust,"
89:22  "and your Lord comes, and the angels, rank after rank, "
89:23  "and Hell is brought near on that day. On that day, man will remember (what is important), but how will his remembering help him (then)?"
89:24  He will say: 'If only I had sent ahead (some good deeds) for (this) my (future) life!'
89:25  "On that day, no one will punish as He will punish!"
89:26  And no one will bind with chains like His
89:27  (But) O soul at peace
89:28  "Return to your Lord, well pleased (with Him), well pleasing."
89:29  Enter among My servants
89:30  come into My Garden