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89:1  By the Daybreak
89:2  and ten nights
89:3  and the even and the odd,
89:4  and night as it journeys on,
89:5  does that not contain an oath for someone who is mindful?
89:6  Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with Ad,
89:7  [the people of] Iram, possessing columns
89:8  whose like had never been created in the land?
89:9  And Thamud who carved rock out of the valley;
89:10  and Pharaoh wielding kingpins
89:11  who were (all) so arrogant in the land
89:12  and increased corruption there?
89:13  Your Lord unleashed the scourge of torment on them.
89:14  Your Lord is ever on the lookout!
89:15  Yet everyman says, whenever his Lord tests him by honoring and favoring him: "My Lord has honored me!";
89:16  while whenever He tests him by rationing His sustenance for him, he says: "My Lord has disgraced me."
89:17  Rather you are not generous with the orphan
89:18  nor do you promote feeding the needy,
89:19  and greedily use up anything you inherit.
89:20  You love money till it´s brimming over!
89:21  Indeed when the earth has been completely flattened out
89:22  and your Lord comes with the angels, row upon row,
89:23  and brings up Hell on that day; on that day everyman will remember, as if remembrance even matters to him!
89:24  He will say: "It´s too bad for me! What did I send on ahead during my lifetime?"
89:25  On that day, no one will torment [anyone] with torment like His,
89:26  and no one will hold to any agreement as he will hold to His!
89:27  O Tranquil soul,
89:28  return to your Lord well pleased and pleasing [Him]!
89:29  Enter among My servants,
89:30  and. enter My garden.