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al-Fajr (The Dawn, Daybreak)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Dawn, Daybreak(al-Fajr)
89:1 By the emerging dawn (that dispels the darkness of night),*
89:2 And by the ten (blessed) nights,*
89:3 And by the even and the odd,*
89:4 And by the night as it departs. (Every night or particularly the night of Muzdalifa or the night of Qadr.)
89:5 Surely, in that is a mighty oath for the wise.
89:6 Have you not seen how your Lord treated (the people of ‘Ad)?
89:7 (They) were (the people) of Iram (and) were (tall like) lofty columns (possessing towering castles),
89:8 The like of which has not (at all) been created in the countries (of the world).
89:9 And (what treatment was given to) Thamud, who carved rocks (and constructed hundreds of cities) in the (Qura) valley?
89:10 And (how was) Pharaoh (dealt with), who wielded large armies (and used to punish victims with stakes)?
89:11 (They were) the people who perpetrated tyranny in their (respective) countries,
89:12 And spread great mischief and corruption there.
89:13 Then your Lord unleashed the scourge of punishment on them.
89:14 Indeed, your Lord is Ever-Watchful (over the tyrant transgressors).
89:15 But as for man, when his Lord tests him (by providing him pleasure and comfort) and honours him and gives him bounties, he says: ‘My Lord has honoured me.’
89:16 But when He tries him (by afflicting him with pain and discomfort) and limits his means of sustenance, he says: ‘My Lord has humiliated me.’
89:17 No indeed! But (the truth is that after you gain honour and good fortune), you do not give honour and care to orphans.
89:18 Nor do you inspire one another (in society) to promote the feeding of the destitute (i.e., the poor and the needy).
89:19 And you lay hand on the inherited wealth and devour it (yourselves and do not pay the poverty-stricken their due).
89:20 And you love wealth and riches inordinately.
89:21 Assuredly, when the earth will be cleft asunder and crushed to dust particles,
89:22 And your Lord will unveil His Light and the angels will appear (before His presence) rank upon rank,
89:23 And that Day, Hell will be brought forth. On that Day man will come to understand, but how will admonition (avail him then)?
89:24 He will say: ‘Would that I had sent (something) ahead of me for my (real) life (which would have helped me Today)!’
89:25 But that Day no one will be able to torment like His torment,
89:26 And no one will be able to bind as He binds.
89:27 O contented (pleased) self!
89:28 Return to your Lord in such a state that you are both the aspirant to, and the aspired of, His pleasure (i.e., you seek His pleasure and He seeks yours).
89:29 So join My (perfect) servants.
89:30 And enter My Paradise (of nearness and sight).


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