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89:1  By the Daybreak
89:2  by the Ten Nights
89:3  by the even and the odd
89:4  by the passing night–&ndash
89:5  is this oath strong enough for a rational person
89:6  Have you [Prophet] considered how your Lord dealt with [the people] of 'Ad
89:7  of Iram, [the city] of lofty pillars
89:8  whose like has never been made in any land
89:9  and the Thamud, who hewed into the rocks in the valley
89:10  and the mighty and powerful Pharaoh
89:11  All of them committed excesses in their lands
89:12  and spread corruption there
89:13  your Lord let a scourge of punishment loose on them
89:14  Your Lord is always watchful
89:15  [The nature of] man is that, when his Lord tries him through honour and blessings, he says, ‘My Lord has honoured me,’
89:16  but when He tries him through the restriction of his provision, he says, ‘My Lord has humiliated me.’
89:17  No indeed! You [people] do not honour orphans
89:18  you do not urge one another to feed the poor
89:19  you consume inheritance greedily
89:20  and you love wealth with a passion
89:21  No indeed! When the earth is pounded to dust, pounded and pounded
89:22  when your Lord comes with the angels, rank upon rank
89:23  when Hell is that Day brought near- on that Day man will take heed, but what good will that be to him then
89:24  He will say, ‘Would that I had provided for this life to come!’
89:25  On that Day, no one will punish as He punishes
89:26  and no one will bind as He binds
89:27  ‘[But] you, soul at peace
89:28  return to your Lord well pleased and well pleasing
89:29  go in among My servants
89:30  and into My Garden.’