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89:1  By the Daw
89:2  And ten nights
89:3  And the Even and the Odd
89:4  And the night when it departeth
89:5  There surely is an oath for thinking man
89:6  Dost thou not consider how thy Lord dealt with (the tribe of) A'ad
89:7  With many-columned Iram
89:8  The like of which was not created in the lands
89:9  And with (the tribe of) Thamud, who clove the rocks in the valley
89:10  And with Pharaoh, firm of might
89:11  Who (all) were rebellious (to Allah) in these lands
89:12  And multiplied iniquity therein
89:13  Therefore thy Lord poured on them the disaster of His punishment
89:14  Lo! thy Lord is ever watchful
89:15  As for man, whenever his Lord trieth him by honouring him, and is gracious unto him, he saith: My Lord honoureth me
89:16  But whenever He trieth him by straitening his means of life, he saith: My Lord despiseth me
89:17  Nay, but ye (for your part) honour not the orpha
89:18  And urge not on the feeding of the poor
89:19  And ye devour heritages with devouring greed
89:20  And love wealth with abounding love
89:21  Nay, but when the earth is ground to atoms, grinding, grinding
89:22  And thy Lord shall come with angels, rank on rank
89:23  And hell is brought near that day; on that day man will remember, but how will the remembrance (then avail him)
89:24  He will say: Ah, would that I had sent before me (some provision) for my life
89:25  None punisheth as He will punish on that day
89:26  None bindeth as He then will bind
89:27  But ah! thou soul at peace
89:28  Return unto thy Lord, content in His good pleasure
89:29  Enter thou among My bondmen
89:30  Enter thou My Garden