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89:1  By the day-break
89:2  and then nights
89:3  by that which is double, and that which is single
89:4  and by the night when it cometh on
89:5  Is there not in this an oath formed with understanding
89:6  Hast thou not considered how thy Lord dealt with Ad
89:7  the people of Irem, adorned with lofty buildings
89:8  the like whereof hath not been erected in the land
89:9  and with Thamud, who hewed the rocks in the valley into houses
89:10  and with Pharaoh, the contriver of the stakes
89:11  Who had behaved insolently in the earth
89:12  and multiplied corruption therein
89:13  Wherefore thy Lord poured on them various kinds of chastisement
89:14  For thy Lord is surely in a watch-tower, whence He observeth the actions of men
89:15  Moreover man, when his Lord trieth him by prosperity, and honoureth him, and is bounteous unto him, saith, my Lord honoureth me
89:16  But when He proveth him by afflictions, and withholdeth his provisions from him, he saith, my Lord despiseth me
89:17  By no means: But ye honour not the orphan
89:18  neither do ye excite one another to feed the poor
89:19  and ye devour the inheritance of the weak, with undistinguishing greediness
89:20  and ye love riches, with much affection
89:21  By no means should ye do thus. When the earth shall be minutely ground to dust
89:22  and thy Lord shall come, and the angels rank by rank
89:23  and hell, on that day, shall be brought nigh: On that day shall man call to remembrance his evil deeds; but how shall remembrance avail him
89:24  He shall say, would to God that I had heretofore done good works in my life-time
89:25  On that day none shall punish with his punishment
89:26  nor shall any bind with his bonds
89:27  O thou soul which art at rest
89:28  return unto thy Lord, well pleased with thy reward, and well pleasing unto God
89:29  Enter among my servants
89:30  and enter my paradise