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76:1  Has man heard of a period of time when he wasn´t even mentioned?
76:2  We created man from sperm made up of cells We put to the test, then We gave him hearing and eyesight.
76:3  We guided him the way, so he may be grateful or reject it.
76:4  We have promised those who reject (the truth) chains and cuffs and a fire.
76:5  The righteous will drink from a cup containing a mixture of camphor,
76:6  A spring of which the servants of Allah will drink, whose flow they direct.
76:7  They kept their promises and feared a day the harm of which is overpowering.
76:8  And they fed food out of love for Him to the poor and orphans and their relatives.
76:9  We only feed you to please Allah, we don´t want any reward or thanks from you.
76:10  For we fear from our Lord an extensive gloomy day.
76:11  So Allah protected them from the harm of that day and granted them luxury and happiness.
76:12  And rewarded them for their patience with a garden and silk.
76:13  They recline there on couches and do not face the (heat of the) sun or freezing cold.
76:14  Its shade is close over them and its pickings hang low.
76:15  They will be waited upon with silver dishes and crystal glasses,
76:16  Crystal made of silver, which they will measure out.
76:17  And they will be given to drink there from a cup containing a mixture of ginger,
76:18  A spring there which is called Salsabil (Delicious Flow).
76:19  And they will be waited upon by eternal youth, if you saw them, you would consider them scattered pearls.
76:20  And if you looked again, you would see blessings and a vast kingdom.
76:21  They wear clothes of green silk and brocade and are adorned with bracelets of silver, and their Lord gives them a pure drink.
76:22  This is a reward for you and your effort is appreciated.
76:23  For We revealed to you the Qur´an in succession.
76:24  So wait for the judgement of your Lord and do not obey any sinner or rejecter (of the truth) amongst them.
76:25  And remember the name of your Lord in the mornings and evenings.
76:26  And at night, then prostrate to Him and glorify Him throughout the night.
76:27  For these love the immediate life and leave a grave day behind them.
76:28  We created them and strengthened their physique, and if We pleased, We could replace them with others like them.
76:29  This is a reminder, so let whoever pleases take a way towards his Lord.
76:30  And it will not please you unless Allah pleases, for Allah is knowing and wise.
76:31  He enters whom he pleases into His mercy, and for the wrongdoers He has promised a painful punishment.