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76:1  Has there come upon the human being a span of time when he was nothing to be mentioned?
76:2  We created the human being from a fertilized ovum to test him; and We gave him hearing and sight.
76:3  Then We guided him to the right path, whether he is grateful or not.
76:4  We have prepared chains, shackles and a Searing Fire for the unbelievers.
76:5  But the righteous will drink from a cup whose mixture is Kafour,
76:6  a spring from which God's worshipers shall drink, making it gush abundantly at will.
76:7  They are the ones who fulfill their vows and fear a Day whose evil will be widespread.
76:8  They feed the needy, the orphan, and the prisoner, for the love of Him.
76:9  [Saying], "We feed you for the sake of God. We want neither compensation, nor gratitude from you.
76:10  We simply dread an austere and stressful Day promised by our Lord."
76:11  So God will spare them the evil of that Day and will give them radiance and joy,
76:12  and will reward them for what they patiently endured with a Garden and silk,
76:13  reclining there on couches. They will not experience there either burning sun or bitter cold.
76:14  Shades cover them, and its fruit hanging close ready to be picked.
76:15  Circulated among them are vessels of silver, and cups of pure crystal
76:16  clear glasses made from silver according to their own measure.
76:17  They will be given a drink mixed with ginger
76:18  from a spring there named Salsabeel.
76:19  Passing among them are immortal youths. If you see them, you would think they were like sprinkled pearls.
76:20  If you were to look around, you would see a heavenly and vast kingdom.
76:21  They will wear green garments of fine silk and brocade. And they will be adorned with silver bracelets. Their Lord will give them a purified drink.
76:22  "This is a reward for you. Your efforts are well appreciated."
76:23  It is We who have sent down the Qur'an to you in gradual revelations.
76:24  So await your Lord's Judgment with patience; and do not obey a sinner or a denier of the truth from among them.
76:25  Remember to call on the name of your Lord morning and evening
76:26  And during the night bow down to Him and exalt His limitless glory long into the night.
76:27  These people love the present life, and leave behind a Heavy Day.
76:28  We have created them, and strengthened their frame; and if we wish, We can replace them with others like them.
76:29  This is a reminder. Let whoever wills, take a path to his Lord.
76:30  Yet you cannot will, unless God wills. God is Knowing and Wise.
76:31  He admits whom He wills into His mercy. But He has prepared a painful punishment for the unjust.