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76:1  WAS THERE NOT a time in the life of man when he was not even a mentionable thing
76:2  Verily We created man from a sperm yoked (to the ovum) to bring out his real substance, then gave him hearing and sight
76:3  We surely showed him the way that he may either be grateful or deny
76:4  We have prepared for unbelievers chains and collars and a blazing fire
76:5  Surely the devotees will drink cups flavoured with palm blossom
76:6  From a spring of which the votaries of God will drink and make it flow in abundance
76:7  Those who fulfil their vows and fear the Day whose evil shall be diffused far and wide
76:8  And feed the needy for the love of Him, and the orphans and the captives
76:9  (Saying): "We feed you for the sake of God, desiring neither recompense nor thanks
76:10  We fear the dismal day calamitous from our Lord."
76:11  So God will protect them from the evil of that day, and grant them happiness and joy
76:12  And reward them for their perseverence Paradise and silken robes
76:13  Where they will recline on couches feeling neither heat of the sun nor intense cold
76:14  The shadows will bend over them, and low will hang the clusters of grapes
76:15  Passed round will be silver flagons and goblets made of glass
76:16  And crystal clear bottles of silver, of which they will determine the measure themselves
76:17  There will they drink a cup flavoured with ginge
76:18  From a spring by the name of Ever-flowing-Salsabil
76:19  And boys of everlasting youth will go about attending them. Looking at them you would think that they were pearls dispersed
76:20  When you look around, you will see delights and great dominion
76:21  On their bodies will be garments of the finest green silk and brocade, and they will be adorned with bracelets of silver; and their Lord will give them a purest draught to drink
76:22  "This in truth is your recompense, and acceptance of your endeavours."
76:23  We have revealed the Qur'an to you gradually
76:24  So wait for your Lord's command, and do not follow any sinner or disbeliever among them
76:25  Meditate upon the name of your Lord morning and evening
76:26  And bow in homage part of the night, and glorify Him far into the night
76:27  Surely men love what hastes away and forget the grievous day (ahead)
76:28  We created them and fixed their bones and joints; and We could replace them when We like with others like them
76:29  This surely is a reminder: Therefore whosoever desires may take the way to his Lord
76:30  But you will not desire except as God wills. Verily He is all-knowing and all-wise
76:31  He admits whosoever He will to His benevolence. But for the evil-doers He has prepared a painful punishment