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76:1  Has a period in [this) age not come over (every) man when he was nothing worth mentioning?
76:2  We have created man from a drop of semen [forming] cells so We might test him; thus We made him alert, observant.
76:3  We have guided him along the [right] path, whether he is thankful or thankless.
76:4  We have prepared chains, shackles and a Blaze for disbelievers!
76:5  The virtuous will drink from a cup which will be mixed with camphor,
76:6  a freely gushing spring where God´s servants will drink.
76:7  They [always] keep their word, and fear a day whose evil tends to spread around.
76:8  They offer food to the needy, the orphan and the captive out of love for Him:
76:9  "We are only feeding you for God´s sake. We want no reward from you nor any thanks.
76:10  We fear a gloomy, dismal day from our Lord."
76:11  God will shield them from that day´s evil, and procure them splendor and happiness.
76:12  Their compensation for being patient will be a garden and silk (clothing],
76:13  relaxing on couches there where they will see neither sun nor any frost.
76:14  Close over them will hang its awnings, while its clusters of fruit will droop low.
76:15  Silver pitchers will be passed around them, and glasses made from crystal,
76:16  crystal [set] with silver, which they will measure out just as they please,
76:17  and be allowed to drink from them a cup flavored with ginger,
76:18  [from] a spring there that is called Nectar.
76:19  Immortal youths will stroll around them; whenever you see them, you will reckon they are scattered pearls.
76:20  Wherever you look, you will see bliss and vast control.
76:21  They will wear clothing made from green brocade and cloth of gold, and will be dressed up with silver bracelets, while their Lord will offer them a pure drink:
76:22  "This is your reward, for your effort has been appreciated."
76:23  It is We Who have sent the Quran down to you as a revelation
76:24  so be patient concerning your Lord´s decision and do not obey any wicked or ungrateful person among them.
76:25  Remember your Lord´s name both in the early morning and late afternoon,
76:26  and during the night; bow down on your knees before Him and glorify Him all night long.
76:27  Those people love a fleeting show, and leave a heavy day behind them.
76:28  We too have created them and strengthened their sinews. Whenever We wish, We will replace them with others like them in exchange.
76:29  This is merely a Reminder; anyone who wishes, may adopt a way to [meet] his Lord.
76:30  Anything you (all) wish is only if God so wishes too; God is Aware, Wise!
76:31  He will admit anyone He wishes into His mercy, while He has prepared painful torment for wrongdoers.