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76:1  Approached the human being a long course of time when he will be nothing remembered?
76:2  Truly, We made the human being of a mingling of seminal fluid that We may test him. So We made him hearing, seeing.
76:3  Truly, We guided him on the way, whether he be one who is thankful or ungrateful.
76:4  Truly, We made ready for ones who are ungrateful chains and yokes and a blaze.
76:5  Truly, the pious will drink from a cup that had been a mixture of camphor,
76:6  a spring where the servants of God will drink, causing it to gush forth, a great gushing.
76:7  They live up to their vows and they fear a Day when the worst will be that which flies far and wide.
76:8  In spite of their love for it, they feed with food one who is needy and the orphan and the prisoner of war saying:
76:9  We feed you only for the Countenance of God. We want no recompense from you nor any thankfulness.
76:10  Truly, we fear our Lord on a frowning, inauspicious Day.
76:11  So God would protect them from worse on that day, and would make them find radiancy and joyfulness.
76:12  And He will give them recompense for their enduring patiently with a Garden and silk,
76:13  and ones who are reclining in it on raised benches. In it they will see neither sun nor excessive cold of the moon.
76:14  And that which draws near them is its shade and clusters of grapes will be subdued, a subduing.
76:15  And are passed around among them receptacles of silver and goblets that had been of crystal,
76:16  crystal like silver, and that they calculated a calculating.
76:17  And they are given to drink in it a cup that had been with a mixture of ginger.
76:18  There is a spring in it named Salsabil.
76:19  And ones who are immortal youths will go around them whom, when thou hadst seen them, thou wouldst assume them to be scattered pearls.
76:20  And when thou hadst seen them, again, thou wilt have seen bliss and a great dominion.
76:21  Upon them are garments of fine green silk and brocade. And they will be adorned with bracelets of silver. Their Lord will give to drink undefiled drink.
76:22  Truly, this had been your recompense. What had been that which is your endeavoring.
76:23  Truly, We sent down to thee the Quran, a sending down successively.
76:24  So have thou patience for the determination of thy Lord and obey not any one of them, not the ones who are perverted nor the ungrateful.
76:25  And remember thou the Name of thy Lord at early morning dawn and eventide.
76:26  And during the night, prostrate thyself to Him and glorify Him a lengthy part of the night.
76:27  Truly, these are they who love that which hastens away and they forsake a weighty day behind them.
76:28  We created them and We strengthened their frame. And when We willed, We will substitute their likes with a substitution.
76:29  Truly, this is an admonition. And whoever willed, he took himself on a way to his Lord.
76:30  But you will it not unless God wills it. For God had been Knowing, Wise.
76:31  He causes to enter whom He wills into His mercy. And the ones who are unjust, He prepared for them a painful punishment.