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76:1  Surely, there has passed over man a period of time when he was not a thing worth mentioning
76:2  Surely, We created man from a fertilized ovum that We keep turning and examining (from one stage to the next till birth). So We have made him (in the order of) hearing (then) seeing
76:3  Indeed, We also showed him the way (to understanding and insight for distinguishing between the truth and falsehood) whether he (now) becomes thankful or continues to be ungrateful
76:4  Verily, We have prepared for the disbelievers chains (for the feet), neck-fetters and the Blazing Fire (of Hell)
76:5  Surely, the sincerely devoted and obedient will drink from the cups (of the holy drink) mixed with kafur (to enhance its aroma, colour and taste)
76:6  (Kafur is) a spring (in Paradise) that (the privileged) servants of Allah (i.e., Awliya’ Allah) will drink from, and will (also) make it flow to wherever they will desire in the form of small brooks (to make others drink of it)
76:7  (These privileged servants of Allah are those) who fulfil their vows and keep fearing that Day whose severity spreads afar
76:8  And they give (their own) food, in deep love of Allah, to the needy, the orphan and prisoner (out of sacrifice, despite their own desire and need for it)
76:9  (And say:) ‘We are feeding you only to please Allah. We do not seek any recompense from you nor (wish for) any thanks
76:10  We fear from our Lord the Day which will make (the faces) look very dark (and) ugly.
76:11  So Allah will save them from the terror of that Day (for their fear of Allah) and will grant them freshness, bloom and blush (on their faces) and ecstasy and delight (in their hearts)
76:12  And will bless them with Gardens (to live in) and silky clothes (to wear), a reward for their patience
76:13  Reclining in it against cushions on raised couches, they will find there neither intense cold nor heat
76:14  And the shades (of trees in Paradise) will close upon them, and the bunches of their (fruits) will be hanging low
76:15  And (the servants) will go round them with vessels of silver and (pure and clean) goblets of shining glass
76:16  And glasses made of silver which they will have filled with exact measures (according to everyone’s desire)
76:17  And they will be made to drink there cups of (the holy drink) mixed with Zanjabil
76:18  (Zanjabil is) a spring in this (Paradise) named Salsabil
76:19  And going round them will be (innocent) adolescents who will remain ever-young. When you will see them, you will consider them as scattered pearls
76:20  And when you will look (at Paradise), you will find blessings (in abundance) and a mighty kingdom (all around)
76:21  They will be clad in green, fine silk and rich brocade attire, and they will be made to wear silver bracelets, and their Lord will make them drink a holy beverage
76:22  Surely, that will be your reward and your hard work is acknowledged
76:23  Indeed, We have revealed the Qur’an to you piecemeal
76:24  So (continue to) be patient for the sake of your Lord’s command and do not give your ear to any liar, sinner or disbeliever or thankless person from amongst them
76:25  And remember the Name of your Lord morning and evening
76:26  And prostrate yourself before His presence for some hours of the night, and glorify Him during (the rest of) the long hours of the night
76:27  Surely, these (world-mongers) love the gains that are achievable right away. And they have put behind their backs (the remembrance of) the very hard Day
76:28  (They do not realize that) We alone have created them and have made their every joint strong, and We can replace them whenever We may please with the people like them
76:29  Indeed, this (Qur’an) is a Reminder. So whoever desires may adopt the way to (reach) his Lord
76:30  And you cannot wish anything yourselves except what Allah wills. Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing, Most Wise
76:31  He admits whom He wills to (the circle of) His mercy, and He has prepared a grievous torment for the wrongdoers