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64:1  Glorifies to Allah whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth. For Him is The Sovereignty, and for Him the praises, and He is over everything competent.
64:2  He is the one who created you. So, among you an infidel, and among you a believer. And Allah is with what you are working, Seer.
64:3  He created the skies and the earth with the right, and He shaped you, so He Excelled your shapes, and to Him is the destiny.
64:4  He knows what is within the skies and the earth and knows what you secret and what you announce. And Allah is Knowledgeable by the chest's ego.
64:5  Has there not come to you the news of those who disbelieved before? So, they tasted the dreadfulness of their matter, and for them it was a painful torment.
64:6  That is because their messengers were coming to them with the proof, so they said, "Are there humankind to guide us?" so they disbelieved and turned away. And Allah was self-enriched, and Allah is Rich, Praiseworthy.
64:7  Those who disbelieved claimed that they will not be raised. Say, “Yes, by my Lord, you will be raised; then you will be informed with what you worked; and that is easy upon Allah.”
64:8  So believe in Allah and His Messenger, and the Light which We sent down. And Allah is with what you were working, an Expert.
64:9  On a Day when He gathers you for The Gathering Day, that is Al-Taghabun Day (The lost and found). And whoever believes in Allah and works righteous, He will atone about him, his bad deeds, and will enter him into paradises beneath which the rivers are running, immortals therein. That is The Great Winning.
64:10  And those who disbelieved and falsified with Our verses, those are The Fire 's Companions, immortals therein; and wretched is the destiny!
64:11  No calamity inflicted except by Allah’s permission. And whoever believes in Allah, He will guide his core. And Allah is with everything, Knowledgeable.
64:12  And obey Allah and obey the Messenger; so if you turned away so upon Our Messenger is only the obvious notification.
64:13  Allah, there is no god except Him; And upon Allah, so the believers shall rely.
64:14  O you who have believed, surely, among your spouses and your progeny are enemies for you, so be cautious of them. And if you pardon and condone and forgive, so surely, Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
64:15  Your money and your progeny are only an infatuation, and Allah with Him a great wage.
64:16  So show the piety of Allah as much as you can, and listen, and obey, and spend goodness for yourselves. And whoever is protected from his greedy soul, so those are the gainers.
64:17  If you lend Allah a fineness loan, He will multiply it for you, and will forgive you. And Allah is Thankful, A Clement.
64:18  The Unseen’s and witnessing knower, Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).