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65:1  O the Prophet, if you divorced the women, so divorce them till their waiting period and enumerate the waiting period, and show the piety of Allah, your Lord. Do not exit them out from their homes, nor should they exit out [during that period] unless that they are bringing an apparent fornication. And those are Allah’s limits. And whoever exceeds Allah’s limits, so he has already oppressed himself. You do not cognize; perhaps Allah will innovate after that, a matter.
65:2  So, if they have reached their term, either grasp them with a well-known, or part them with a well-known. And witness two possessors of just men among you and establish the witness for Allah. That is exhorted with it whoever should believe in Allah and the Last day. And whoever shows the piety of Allah - He will make for him an exit.
65:3  And He will have a livelihood for him from where he never considered. And whoever relies upon Allah, so He is sufficient for him. Surely Allah will reach His command. Allah has already set up a measure for everything.
65:4  And those who despair of menstruation among your women, if you have doubts, so their term shall be three months, and also those who have not menstruated. And for those who are pregnancy possessors, their term is that they lay down their pregnancies. And whoever shows the piety of Allah, He will set up for him from his matter an ease.
65:5  That is Allah’s command, which He sent down to you. And whoever shows the piety of Allah, He will atone about him, his bad deeds, and will gratify for him, a wage.
65:6  Reside them from where you reside, among your means, and do not harm them to narrow upon them. And if they are pregnancy possessors, so spend on them until they lay down their pregnancies. So, if they suckle for you, so give them their wage. And conduct between yourselves with the well-known. And if you get difficulties, so, let another woman suckle him.
65:7  Let a possessor of wealth spend from his wealth, and who quantitated upon him his livelihood, spend from what Allah has given him. Allah does not charge a soul except what He has given it. Allah will set up, after a difficulty, an ease.
65:8  And how many among a village were insolent about their Lord command and His messengers? So, We reckoned it, a severe reckoning, and We tortured it with a denial torment.
65:9  So, it tasted the bad consequence of its matter, and its matter’s sequel was a loss.
65:10  Allah has prepared for them a severe torment; so show the piety of Allah, O possessor of the minds, those who have believed. Allah has already sent down to you a reminder.
65:11  A messenger who recites Allah’s Verses upon you, apparently to exit those who believed and worked the righteous deeds from the darkness into the light. And whoever believes in Allah and works righteous, He will enter him into paradises beneath which the rivers are running, immortals therein forever. Allah already has excelled, livelihood for him.
65:12  Allah is the one Who created seven skies, and from the earth alike of them. The command descends between them to know that Allah is over everything competent and surely Allah has encompassed, with everything in knowledge.