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64:1  Whatever is in the heavens and what is on earth glorifies Allah, His is the kingdom and His is the praise and He is able to do anything.
64:2  He is who created you, and amongst you is he who rejects (the truth) and he who believes, and Allah sees what you do.
64:3  He created the heavens and the earth with truth and shaped you and made your shape beautiful, and to Him is the journey.
64:4  He knows what is in the heavens and on earth and knows what you conceal and what you disclose, and Allah knows what is kept inside.
64:5  Did not the information of those who rejected (the truth) before reach you, so they tasted the evil outcome of their affairs and theirs is a painful punishment.
64:6  That is because their messengers came to them with clear proofs but they said: are we to be guided by a human? So they rejected (the truth) and turned away, and Allah does not need them, and Allah is rich and praiseworthy.
64:7  Those who reject (the truth) claim that they will not be resurrected, say: sure, by my Lord, you will be resurrected, then you will be informed of what you did, that is easy for Allah.
64:8  So believe in Allah and His messenger and the light which We have sent down, and Allah is informed of what you do.
64:9  On the day He will gather you to the day of congregation, that is the day of dispossession, and whoever believes in Allah and does good, He will cancel his (minor) bad deeds and enter him into gardens through which rivers flow where they will remain forever, that is the ultimate success.
64:10  And those who reject (the truth) and deny Our signs, those are the inmates of the fire where they will remain, and it is a bad destination.
64:11  No affliction strikes except with the permission of Allah, and whoever believes in Allah, He will guide his heart, and Allah knows everything.
64:12  And obey Allah and the messenger, but if you turn away, then the duty of Our messenger is only to convey clearly.
64:13  Allah, there is no god but Him, so on Allah shall the believers rely.
64:14  Oh you believers, there are enemies of you amongst your partners and children, so be wary of them, and if you are lenient and forgive and seek forgiveness, then Allah is forgiving and merciful.
64:15  For your wealth and children are a test and with Allah is a tremendous reward.
64:16  So beware of Allah as much as you can and listen and obey and spend for the good of yourselves, and whoever is protected from the greed of his own soul, those are the successful.
64:17  If you lend Allah an excellent loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you, and Allah is appreciative and gentle.
64:18  The One who knows the unseen and the apparent, the mighty, the wise.