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65:1  Oh prophet, when you divorce women, then divorce them for their waiting period and observe the waiting period and beware of Allah your Lord. Do not expel them from their houses and let them not leave unless they have come up with a clear indecency, and these are the limits of Allah, and whoever transgresses the limits of Allah has wronged himself. You don´t know if Allah might bring about a different situation after that.
65:2  Then when they have reached their term, keep them honourably or part from them honourably, and let two just people amongst you be witnesses and let them uphold the evidence before Allah. That is the admonition for whoever believes in Allah and the last day, and who bewares of Allah, He will find him a way out.
65:3  And He provides for him from where he does not expect it, and whoever relies on Allah, He is sufficient for him, for Allah enforces His command; Allah has given a measure to everything.
65:4  And for those of your women who have the menopause and you are unsure, their waiting period is three months as for those who missed a period, and those who are pregnant, their waiting period is until they have given birth, and whoever bewares of Allah, He will make his affairs easy for him.
65:5  This is the command of Allah He revealed to you, and whoever bewares of Allah, He cancels his bad deeds and increases his reward.
65:6  Accommodate them where you accommodate yourselves and do not harm them to constrain them, and if they are pregnant, then spend on them until they have given birth, and if they breast-feed for you, then give them their reward, and consult each other appropriately, and if you disagree, then let someone else breast-feed for him.
65:7  Let the one with abundance spend of his abundance, and whose provision is tightened, let him spend of what Allah gave him, Allah does not burden a soul beyond what He has given it. Allah will grant ease after hardship.
65:8  And how many towns disobeyed the command of their Lord, so We subjected them to a severe reckoning and punished them severely?
65:9  Then they tasted the evil outcome of their affairs, and the outcome of their affairs was a loss.
65:10  Allah has promised them severe punishment, so beware of Allah oh you who have understanding and believe; Allah has already sent you a reminder.
65:11  A messenger who recites the clear signs of Allah to you in order to take those who believe and do good out of darkness into the light, and whoever believes in Allah and does good, He will enter him into gardens through which rivers flow where they will remain forever; Allah has already prepared the best provision for him.
65:12  Allah is who created seven heavens and likewise of the earth. The command comes down between them so that you know that Allah is able to do anything and that Allah has full knowledge of everything.