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64:1  What (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth praise/glorify to God, for Him (is) the ownership/kingdom , and for Him (is) the praise/gratitude , and He is on every thing capable/able
64:2  He is who created you, so from you (is) a disbeliever, and from you (is) a believer, and God (is) with what you make/do seeing/knowing
64:3  He created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth with the truth , and He pictured/shaped/formed you, so He did good (in) your pictures/shapes/forms, and to Him (is) the end/destination
64:4  He knows what (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and He knows what you keep secret, and what you declare/publicize , and God (is) knowledgeable with of the chests (innermosts)
64:5  Did not news/information come to you (of) those who disbelieved from before? So they tasted/experienced their matter's/affair's severity/bad consequences , and for them (is) a painful torture
64:6  That (is) because that their messengers were coming to them with evidences, so they said: "Are humans guiding us?" So they disbelieved, and they turned away, and God sufficed (was not in need), and God (is) rich, praiseworthy/commendable
64:7  Those who disbelieved claimed/purported , that (E) they will never/not be resurrected/revived , say: "Yes/certainly, and by my Lord, you will be resurrected/revived (E) , then you will be informed (E) with what you made/did , and that (is) on God easy/little ."
64:8  So believe with (in) God and His messenger and the light which We descended, and God (is) with what you make/do expert/experienced
64:9  A day/time He gathers/collects you to the Gathering Day/Resurrection Day, that (is) Day of the Forgetfulness/Cheating (the day people feel cheated by the short worldly life) and who believed with (in) God and makes/does correct/righteous deeds, He covers/substitutes from him his sins/crimes, and He makes him enter treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it, immortally/eternally in it (for) ever (E), that (is) the winning/success, the great
64:10  And those who disbelieved and lied/denied with Our evidences/verses , those are the fire's owners/company/friends (they are) immortally/eternally in it, and how bad (is) the end/destination
64:11  None from a disaster struck/hit except with God's permission , and who believes with (in) God, He guides his heart/mind , and God (is) with every thing knowledgeable
64:12  And obey God, and obey the messenger, so if you turned away, so but on Our messenger (is only) the information/communication , the clear/evident
64:13  God, (there is) no God except Him, and on God so should rely/depend the believers
64:14  You, you those who believed, that truly from your spouses and your children (is) an enemy for you, so be warned/cautious of them , and if you forgive/pardon and you forgive/pardon , and you forgive , so then God (is) forgiving, merciful
64:15  But/truly your properties/possessions and your children, (are) a test/seduction and God, at Him (is) a great reward
64:16  So fear and obey God, as long as you were able, and hear/listen and obey and spend goodness for yourselves, and who is protected (against) his self's miserliness/stinginess (who tamed his self's love towards accumulating money etc.), so those, they are the successful/winners
64:17  If you lend/advance God a good/beautiful loan/advance, He doubles/multiplies it for you, and He forgives for you, and God (is) thankful/grateful, clement
64:18  Knower (of) the unseen/supernatural (future), and the testimony/presence , the glorious/mighty ,the wise/judicious