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65:1  You, you the prophet, if you divorced the women, so divorce them (F) to their term (F), and count/calculate the menstrual cycle/term and fear and obey God, your Lord, do not bring them out from their (F) houses/homes, and they (F) do not get out except that they do/commit with an evident enormous/atrocious deed , and those are God's limits/boundaries/orders, and who transgresses/violates God's limits/boundaries/orders, so he had caused injustice/oppression (to) his self, you do not know, maybe/perhaps God initiates/causes after that a matter/affair (event)
65:2  So if they (F) reached (completed) their term/time, so hold/grasp them (F) with kindness/generosity or separate from them (F) with kindness/generosity , and call a witness (two owners) (B) of justice/equality from you, and keep up/take care of the testimony/certification to God, that is being preached/advised/warned with it who was believing with (in) God, and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day; and who fears and obeys God, He makes/puts for him a way out/exit
65:3  And He provides for him from where/when he does not think/suppose, and who relies/depends on God, so He is enough for him, that truly God (is) delivering/accomplishing His order/command , God had made/put to every thing a predestiny/quantity/value
65:4  And those (F) who became infertile/despaired from the menstruation from your women, if you became doubtful/suspicious, so their term/count (is) three months, and those (F) who did not menstruate, and (those) of the pregnant , their term/time (is) that (E) they (F) give birth/drop their (F) off spring/loads/pregnancies , and who fears and obeys God, He makes/puts from his matter/affair ease/flexibility
65:5  That (is) God's order/command, He descended it to you, and who fears and obeys God, He covers/substitutes from him his sins/crimes and He magnifies for him a reward
65:6  Reside/make them (F) live from where you resided from your wealth/capability , and do not harm them (F) to tighten/strain on them (F), and if they (F) were of pregnancy so spend on them until they give birth/drop their loads/off spring/pregnancy , so if they (F) breast fed for you (wet nursed), so give/bring them their (F) rewards , and consult each other, between you with kindness/generosity , and if you had difficulty/hardship , so another will breast feed (wet nurse) for him
65:7  (The owner) of a wealth/abundance (is) to spend from his wealth/abundance, and whom his provision was tightened/strained on him, so he should spend from what God gave him, God does not burden/impose (on) a self except what He gave it, God will make/create after difficulty/hardship , ease/flexibility
65:8  And how many from a village/urban city (that) disobeyed from its Lord's order/command and His messengers, so We counted/calculated (with) it (a) strong (severe) account/calculation, and We tortured it (an) awful/severe torture
65:9  So it tasted/experienced its matter's/affair's severity/consequences , and its matter's/affair's end/turn (result) was a loss/misguidance and perishment
65:10  God prepared for them a strong (severe) torture, so fear and obey God you (owners) of the pure minds/hearts , those who believed, God had descended to you a reminder/remembrance
65:11  A messenger, he reads/recites on you God's evident verses/evidences , to bring/drive out those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds from the darknesses to the light, and who believes with (in) God and makes/does correct/righteous deeds, He enters him (into) treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it, immortally/eternally in it (for) ever (E), God had bettered for him a provision
65:12  God is who created seven skies/space(s), and from the earth/Planet Earth equal/similar to them (F), the command/matter descends between them, to know that (E) God (is) on every thing capable/able , and that (E) God had comprehended/enveloped with every thing knowledge