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32:1  Alif. La’am. Mi’em!
32:2  This is the Revelation Knowledge of the Book in which there is no doubt that is from the Lord of the Worlds.
32:3  Or do they say, “He has fabricated It?” In fact, it is the Truth from your Lord so that you may admonish a people to whom none has warned before you. Perhaps they will have the tendency to pursue the opportunity for receiving salvation.
32:4  It is Allâh Who created the heavens and earth, and what is between them in six days. Then ascended He the (Glorious) Throne. You have none beside Him as a guardian or as an intercessor. Will you not then celebrate the praise of your Lord and declare His absolute majesty and glory?
32:5  He orchestrates the ordinance from the heavens to the earth. Then it will ascend to Him in a day whose measure is a thousand years by your reckoning.
32:6  Such is He, the One Who has full knowledge of the Unseen and the seen, the Almighty, the Most Merciful,
32:7  Who perfected everything which He created. Then He began with the creation of man from clay.
32:8  Then He made his progeny of an extraction of despicable fluid.
32:9  Then He fashioned him and breathed into him of His Spirit. He gave you hearing, sight and hearts. Little is that you show gratitude to Him.
32:10  And they say: "What! When we are completely lost into the earth, shall we truly be in a new creation?” Nay, but the meeting with their Lord, they have the tendency to deny.
32:11  Say: “The Angel of death, who is in charge of you, will cause you to die. Then you will be brought back to your Lord.”
32:12  If only you could see the Ungodly Sinners when they will bend down their heads before their Lord, they will say: “Our Lord, we have seen and heard. So send us back (to the worldly life) in order for us to act righteously. Now we are absolutely convinced.”
32:13  If We had willed, We would have guided every person. But the Word from Me will come into effect that: "I will certainly fill Gehenna with the jinn and men all together."
32:14  They will be told: Now, therefore, taste the dire consequences of forgetting this day of yours. Surely We too shall forget you, so taste the eternal doom for what you used to do.
32:15  Only those have absolute Faith in Our Revelations, who, when they are reminded of them, fall down in prostration and celebrate the praise of their Lord, not showing an arrogant attitude.
32:16  They abandon (their) beds, praying to their Lord in veneration and hope. And they expend of what We have bestowed upon them.
32:17  No person knows what loads of pleasure await them as a reward for what they used to do.
32:18  Is then the one who lives by Faith no better than the one who has persisted in walking down the path of disobedience? They are not equal.
32:19  But as for those who live by Faith and strive to do righteous acts, there will be Gardens of refuge in hospitality for what they used to do.
32:20  But as for those who walk in the path of disobedience, their abode will be the Fire. And whenever they strive to move out of it, they are brought back into it, and it will be said to them: “Now taste the chastisement of the Fire which you were inclined to deny."
32:21  We will surely make them taste the nearer chastisement (in this worldly life) before the greater chastisement (in the Hereafter) so that they may (quit their perversion) and return the truth.
32:22  Who then does greater evil than one who is reminded of the Revelations of his Lord, then turns away from them? Verily, We shall inflict punishment on the Ungodly Sinners.
32:23  Verily, We gave Moses the Scripture. So ( Muhammad) don't be in doubt concerning the meeting with him- (with Moses during the Night Journey). We made the Torah a True Source of Enlightenment for the Children of Israel.
32:24  We made among them spiritual leaders in order to show the people the right path to salvation by Our Command when they endured patiently and continued to have conviction in what We had revealed of the Knowledge of the Truth.
32:25  Indeed, Your Lord is the One Who will judge between them on the day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they were inclined to differ.
32:26  Has it not become obvious to them how many generations We destroyed before them in whose dwelling-places they walk? Surely in that there are Signs ( of Allâh’s power & glory). Will they not then hear?
32:27  Have they not seen how We drive water to the barren land without any vegetation, and therewith bring forth crops from which their livestock eat and themselves? Will they not then see?
32:28  They say: "When will this Opening comes to pass, if you are truthful?"
32:29  Say: “On the day of Opening (when those who are spiritually dead and blind desire to profess a belief), but their belief won’t avail them, nor will they be given a respite."
32:30  Now, therefore, turn away from them, and wait. Surely they are waiting.