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32:1  ALIF lām mīm. The revelation of the Book, of which there is no doubt, is from the Lord of the Universe
32:2  Do they say: ‘He¹ has invented it himself‘
32:3  Surely it is the Truth from your Lord, that you may forewarn a people none has warned before you, and that they may be rightly guided
32:4  It was God who in six days created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, and then ascended the throne. You have no guardian or intercessor besides Him. Will you not reflect
32:5  He governs all, from heaven to earth. And all will ascend to Him in a single day, a day whose space is a thousand years by your reckoning
32:6  He knows the unknown and the manifest. He is the Almighty, the Merciful
32:7  who excelled in everything he created. He first created man from clay
32:8  then made his offspring from a drop of humble fluid
32:9  Then He moulded him and breathed His spirit into him. He made for you ears and eyes and hearts: yet you are seldom thankful
32:10  And they say: ‘Once lost into the earth, shall we be in a new creation?‘ Indeed, they deny they will ever meet their Lord
32:11  Say: ‘The angel of death in charge of you will claim you back. Then to your Lord shall you be recalled.‘
32:12  Would that you could see the wrongdoers when they hang their heads before their Lord! They will say: ‘Lord, we now see and hear. Send us back and we will do good works. Now we are firm believers.‘
32:13  Had it been Our will, We could have given every soul its guidance. But My Judgement shall be fulfilled: ‘I will surely fill Hell with jinn and humans all.‘
32:14  Taste this, for you forgot you would ever meet this day. We, too, will forget you. Taste the eternal torment, which you have earned by what you did.‘
32:15  Indeed, none believes in Our revelations save those who, when reminded of them, prostrate themselves in adoration and give glory to their Lord in all humility
32:16  who forsake their beds to pray to their Lord in fear and hope; who give from what We gave them
32:17  No mortal knows what bliss will be in store for these as a reward for their labours
32:18  Can he, then, who is a true believer, be compared to him who is an ungodly? Surely they are not equal
32:19  As for those that believe and do good works, they shall be lodged in the Gardens of Paradise in recompense for their labours
32:20  But those that do evil, the Fire shall be their home. Whenever they wish to emerge from it they shall be driven back, and shall be told: ‘Taste the torment of the Fire, which you have persistently denied.‘
32:21  We will surely make them taste the lighter torment of this world before the greater torment of the world to come, that they may perchance return to the right path
32:22  And who is more wicked than he who pays no heed to the revelations of his Lord when he is reminded of them? We will surely take vengeance on the transgressors
32:23  We gave the Book to Moses (never doubt that you¹ will meet him) and made it a guide for the Israelites
32:24  And when they grew steadfast and firmly believed in Our revelations, We appointed leaders from among them who gave guidance at Our bidding
32:25  On the Day of Resurrection your Lord will resolve their differences for them
32:26  Or do they not know how many generations We have destroyed before them? They walk among their ruined dwellings. Surely in this there are conspicuous signs. Have they no ears to hear with
32:27  Do they not see how We drive the water to the parched land and bring forth crops which they and their cattle eat? Have they no eyes to see with
32:28  They ask: ‘When will this judgement¹ come, if what you say be true?‘
32:29  Say: ‘On the Day of Judgement their faith shall not avail the unbelievers, nor shall they be reprieved.‘
32:30  Therefore pay no heed to them, and wait as they are waiting