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93:1  (O Sincere human being!) Consider the Daylight
93:2  And the night when it is still. (There is light at the end of the tunnel and with hardship is ease, like there is Daybreak after the Night (89:1), (92:1-2), (94:6))
93:3  Your Lord has never forsaken you, nor did He ever forget you
93:4  And verily, being far-sighted is better for you than being short-sighted
93:5  And verily, soon will your Lord give unto you so that you will be well-pleased
93:6  Did He not find you in a lonely state, and give you an environment
93:7  And He found you looking for guidance, and showed you the way. ('Dhall' = Wandering = Looking for guidance = Straying)
93:8  And He found you dependent, and made you independent. (Infancy to youth)
93:9  Now you shall not treat harshly any orphan, widow, the helpless and he who feels left alone in the society
93:10  And never shall you repulse him who seeks help
93:11  But the blessings of your Lord you shall speak of by sharing. ('Haddith' = Convey and share what you have learned and gained)