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93:1  And (by) the forenoon
93:2  And (by) the night when it (comes) with its dark stillness
93:3  In no way has your Lord disregarded you, and in no way has He disfavored you
93:4  And indeed the Hereafter will be more charitable (i.e., better) for you than the First (i.e., the present life)
93:5  And indeed your Lord will eventually give you so that you will be satisfied
93:6  Did He not find you an orphan, so He gave (you) an abode
93:7  And He found you erring, so He guided (you)
93:8  And He found you in want, so He enriched (you)
93:9  Then, as for the orphan, then do not subdue (him)
93:10  And as for the beggar, then do not scold (him)
93:11  And as for your Lord's favor, then discourse about it! (i.e., proclaim it)