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ad-Dhuha (The Morning Hours, The Early Hours, Morning Bright)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Morning Hours, The Early Hours, Morning Bright(ad-Dhuha)
93:1 Hereby God swears by the glorious early sun light.
93:2 Also God swears by the stillness of night.
93:3 That God has not left you alone and that He does not dislike you.
93:4 Bear in mind that your Hereafter home is much better that your trnsitionary worldly place that you are living in for a while.
93:5 Pretty soon your Lord will take you to your “real” home where you will be enchanted with it.
93:6 Why do you think that your Lord does not like you while you (Mohammad) were an orphan and He gave you a shelter and protected you.
93:7 And for the longest time (years) you were lost in darkness and live like a pagan and He revealed you the truth about the meaning of the life, why you are here, etc.
93:8 Have you (Mohammad) forgotten that you were a poor lad and He made you a rich man?
93:9 Therefore, you owe your Lord to be nice to the orphans.
93:10 And be kind to the needy ones.
93:11 And as God made gave you awareness, make it a business of yours to aware all the world and take them out of darkness to the light of knowledge.


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