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92:1  By the night as it covers,
92:2  and by the day as it manifests,
92:3  and by the creation of the male and the female,
92:4  truly your endeavors are surely disparate.
92:5  As for him who gives freely and safeguards his own soul.
92:6  And believes sincerely in the good promise.
92:7  We will make it easy for him to find the easy way.
92:8  But as for him who holds back with stinginess and seeks satisfaction in that which he has,
92:9  and belies the good promise,
92:10  We will make easy for him to find the way of hardship.
92:11  And his wealth will not avail him in aught when he tumbles into destruction.
92:12  Truly on Us surely is the guidance.
92:13  And truly for Us is the last and the first.
92:14  So I warn you of the fire which burns in conflagration.
92:15  None will burn in it except the wretched one;
92:16  he who belies and turns away.
92:17  But the one who guards his own soul will be removed far away from it;
92:18  he who spends his wealth seeking growth for his own soul.
92:19  And there is no grace for anyone in His presence to be paid with by way of entitlement,
92:20  it is just a desire to seek the face of his Lord, The Most-high.
92:21  And surely very soon, he will be pleased.