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91:1  By the sun and its brilliance,
91:2  and by the moon as it follows it [the sun],
91:3  and by the day as it makes manifest it’s [Sun’s] brilliance,
91:4  and by the night as it covers it,
91:5  and by the firmament and how He raised it,
91:6  and by the earth and how He spread it out,
91:7  and by a soul and how He unified it
91:8  and then He inspired it to know its transgression and its self-guard,
91:9  indeed he is prospered one who has sanctified it.
91:10  And indeed he lost one who has stunted it.
91:11  Thamud belied due to their transgressedness.
91:12  When the most wretched among them came forth.
91:13  But the messenger of Allah said to them, “It is the she-camel of Allah and her turn to drink.”
91:14  But they belied him and they hamstrung her so their Lord crushed them due to their sins and made it [their city] level.
91:15  And nor does He fear the outcome thereof.