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92:1  The night acts as a witness when it envelops (and conceals from view many things)
92:2  and the day-time when it makes (many things) bright
92:3  and whatever He created in pairs as the male and the female
92:4  Surely, your endeavour is indeed diverse (in directions and targets)
92:5  So as for that who gave (i.e., spent as desired in the ordainments of Al-Kitab), and remained obedient (to Allah)
92:6  and testified to the best (law in Al-Kitab by adopting it)
92:7  So, soon We provide him facility for Al-Yusrah
92:8  And as for that who behaved niggardly and remained unconcerned
92:9  and belied the best (law in Al-Kitab)
92:10  then soon, We let him slide to Al-Usrah
92:11  And shall not benefit him his wealth when he has slided to destruction
92:12  Verily, on Us indeed (is the duty to provide) the True Guidance
92:13  And truly for Us (is) indeed (the ownership of) the Hereafter and the initial, present (world)
92:14  So I have warned you of (the) Fire — it is blazing fiercely
92:15  Does not enter it except Al-Ashqa
92:16  that one who denied and turned away (from Al-Kitab)
92:17  And soon — Al-Atqa shall be kept away from it —
92:18  that one who spends his wealth: he sanctifies (himself)
92:19  and with him (i.e., Al-Atqa) there is not for any one out of a reward, which may be paid (by him, as due) in return (for any good some one has done to this pious and obedient person) —
92:20  except a desire to seek the attention of his Nourisher-Sustainer, the Most High
92:21  And surely, very soon he will be pleased (in the Hereafter)