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93:1  Early forenoon brightness acts as a witness
93:2  and the night when it has completely set in (to its full darkness)
93:3  Your Rabb has not forsaken you and has not disagreed (with you)
93:4  And indeed, the Hereafter is better for you than the initial
93:5  And verily, very soon your Rabb shall bestow unto you (His Grace in various forms), then you shall be well pleased
93:6  Did He not find you yatim (a weak personality, an orphan), then He established you (in life)
93:7  And He found you lost (in search of the Code in Al-Kitab), then He provided you Guidance
93:8  And He found you ‘hand to mouth’, then He made you reasonably rich
93:9  So that one who is Al-Yatim, then rebuff (him) not
93:10  And that who is As-Sâil (compelled to ask for assistance), then repulse (him) not
93:11  And that whatever (is with you) from the Grace of your Nourisher-Sustainer, so narrate (it and do not hide)