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58:1  God indeed heard the plea of the woman who brought her case to her Lord during her prayer; God Hears everything and Knows everything
58:2  It is a tradition among you that a man may consider his wife (in anger) as his mother (divorcing her forever!) This is absurd. God forgives this practice of yours in the past as He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
58:3  If a man recourse to the above mentioned tradition and then wants to return to his wife should free a slave for his action/intention
58:4  If such a man is not wealthy enough to free a slave, he should fast two consecutive months. If he is not physically fit to do so, he has to feed sixty needy ones. This is to increase your faith in God. The unbelievers who do not obey the laws of your Lord, will certainly deserve His punishment
58:5  Have no doubt that those who resist God and His messenger will be reduced to dust as the disbeliever before them were humiliated accordingly. God has sent down clear signs and there is an awful punishment in reserve for the disbelievers
58:6  The day will come in which God will gather all of them and inform them of what they were doing (even though they forget) while on earth. Know that God watches everything that you do
58:7  Do not you realize that God is aware of everything in the heavens and the earth? whenever a few people whisper secretly together, no matter where they are, God is next to them. Then, on the Day of Resurrection, God will inform them what they have been doing. God is aware of everything
58:8  In spite of the fact that you (Mohammad) forbade them of secret gathering/ whispering, the hypocrites practice their secret meetings and brag about their sins and disobedience of the prophet of God. When they come to you, they greet you in such a way that even God (who loves you so much) has not greeted you. They jokingly say among themselves: “How come God does not punish us for this?” Hell is an enough punishment for them. They will be used as its fuel. What a terrible place to end up in
58:9  O’ you who believe, when you have a private party, do not confess your sins, lack of respect to God’s orders and disobedience of the prophet. Talk about virtue, piety and greatness of God before whom you shall be gathered together in the Day of Judgment
58:10  Secret conspiracy is the work of Satan. He does it to you in order to hurt the believers. But he can not succeed unless God agrees [so that you may go through that test]. A true believer should not worry about the work of Satan and should put his trust in God
58:11  God is hereby asking the believers to make room, out of curtsey, for the new comers in your assemblies to sit; may God open room for you in difficulties. When the meeting is over and you are told to leave, follow accordingly. By doing so you will not loose your rank and dignity as the your rank and knowledge is a grant from your Lord and would not be reduced by being courteous toward the others. Beware that God is aware of your attitude and acts
58:12  Those who believe should engage in an act of charity before any consultation with the Prophet [meaning that Mohammad will not charge you money for talking to you and be happy that you devote the cost of his consultation to a charity]. This purifies you and makes you to feel better. Do not mind, if you cannot afford a charity as God is All-Forgiving and the Most Merciful
58:13  If you fail to pay the above mentioned charity, ask for forgiveness and God will forgive you for that. Remember, however, that the Daily Prayers, the payment of Obligatory Charity and Obedience toward God and His Prophet is a Must for you. Beware that God isaware of what you are doing
58:14  Have you noticed those who befriended people with whom God is angry? They have ended up belonging not to their camp not to yours. They falsely swear of being a true Muslim
58:15  God will punish them severely. Surely what they do is evil
58:16  Their oath of allegiance to Islam is just a cover so that they may turn the Muslims from the path of God. For this they will have a disgraceful punishment
58:17  Neither their wealth nor their children can save them from the punishment of God. They will end up to be the inmates of Fire where they will live in forever
58:18  The Day that they are resurrected, they will swear, as they are swearing to you today, that they are Muslims. They think a simple swearing will save them. Know that they are simply liars
58:19  Satan has dominated them and has possessed them to forget the remembrance of God. They have joined the party of Satan; the member of Satan’s party are real losers
58:20  Know that the lowest of the lowest are those who oppose God and His Prophet
58:21  God has written down:” I and My Prophets will most surely prevail.” God is Almighty, Most Powerful
58:22  You will never find anyone who believes in God and the Day of Judgment befriending those who have opposed God and His Prophet, even if they were their parents, their sons, their brothers or their dearest ones. Such are the people in whose mind God has put faith and has supported them with Divine inspiration. God will admit them to the Gardens underneath which rivers flow and that they live there forever. God is well pleased with them and they are pleased with their Lord. They are God’s party. Know that the member of God’s party are the true successful ones