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59:1  Everything in the heavens and earth glorify God for His Power and His Wisdom
59:2  God is the one Who made the disbeliever Jews to leave their house at your first show of force with them. They were thinking that their show of force will bring them the victory; however, God’s force came from where they did not expect and put such a terror in their hearts that they themselves destroyed their own houses. May this event be a lesson for those who possess eyes and see the power of their Lord in action
59:3  If God had not decided to impose the exile on them [in account of His mercy, perhaps due to their monotheistic belief] , He would have certainly punished them in this world as well as casting them in Hellfire of Hereafter
59:4  The whole event took place for the simple reason that the Jews resisted God and His messenger. Know that whoever opposes God will be subject to a sever punishment
59:5  Know that whatever you do such as cutting a palm tree or letting it stand upon its root is by the will of God. God will humiliate His “opponents.&rdquo
59:6  Any property that God took out from their [the Jewish clan of Bani an-Nadir] possession and gave to His Messenger was not in account of your foot soldiers or cavalrymen war effort. God is behind all forces that He sends against whoever He wills. God has power to do everything He wants
59:7  Any property confiscated from the defeated communities belongs to God and should be distributed in charity by the prophet among the relatives, orphans, needy people and the aliens in need so that they do not end up among rich and strong among you [as is the case of any war]. You may keep whatever the Prophet gives you but do not take anything from the confiscated properties which is not distributed among you. Fear God as He is sever in punishment
59:8  A part of the above property should be given to those poverty stricken Muslims who fled Mecca. They have been expelled from their homes and their properties have been confiscated for the simple reason that they sought the pleasure of God by supporting the cause of their Lord and His messenger. They are the most sincere
59:9  As far as the citizens of Medina, who embraced Islam long ago, is concerned, they helped the immigrants and genuinely love them. They do not mind to see that the immigrants receive the spoils of war at their expense. The fact is those who get rid of their greed are the true successful ones
59:10  Those who embraced Islam later, say: “O Lord forgive us and our brothers in Islam who joined the faith before us. Please do not let any hard feeling to prevail among us; indeed you are kind and Most Merciful.”
59:11  Notice how the hypocrites encourage their Jewish “brothers” who, are confronting you, saying: “If you are evicted we will leave with you and if you fight we will fight with you against Mohammad; we will not obey anyone who opposes you.” God knows what type of liars they are
59:12  The fact is that they will never join the Jews in fight and will never follow them after their expulsion. Even if they help your enemies, they will never win
59:13  The fact is that the hypocrites are more afraid of you [a human being] than God. What kind of brain damaged people they are
59:14  It may appear to you that the hypocrites are united. They are in fact divided among themselves. They will never fight with you unless there is a wall between you and them or that they are safe in their castles. They are deprived of the faculty of thinking
59:15  Their fate is the same as the disbelievers before them: total loss. They are going to be punished severely
59:16  The disbelievers are like Satan who invites man to rebel against his Lord…
59:17  …. When man tastes the consequence of his rebellion, Satan says: “I have nothing to do with you. As a matter of fact I fear God myself.” They will both end up in Hell to stay there forever; this is the faith of evil doers
59:18  God hereby orders the believers to keep Him always in mind with the utmost respect. Be mindful that whatever (god or bad) that you plant today in this world, you will harvest tomorrow in Hereafter
59:19  Do not be like those who forgot their Lord and God, in return, made them to forget their purpose in life. They are indeed the losers
59:20  Those who will end up in Hell are not equal to those who are going to live in Paradise. The inhabitants of Paradise are the true successful ones
59:21  Had God sent down this Qur’an to the mountain, you would have seen the mountain to crack down itself out of awe. By these types of examples God makes his points to be understood by those who use their brain to think
59:22  God is the only divinity besides Whom none else is divine. He is the only One Who knows everything which is visible to His creatures and everything which is invisible. God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
59:23  God is the only divinity besides Whom none else is divine. He is the King, the Most Sacred, the Peace itself, the Most Faithful, the Supreme, the Almighty, the Most Powerful, the Most Dignified. Glory to God, it is beneath His dignity to have a partner
59:24  God is the only Divinity. He is the Creator, the Initiator, the Designer and is called by excellent names. Everything in the heavens and the earth is glorifying Him. God is Almighty, the Most Wise