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60:1  O’ you who believe, do not extend love and friendship to your Lord’s enemies who are indeed your own enemies. Do not forget that they disbelieved when the truth was presented to them and that they persecute the God’s messenger and you for the simple reason that you believe in your Lord. How can you carry a secret love in your heart toward such people with whom you are ready to fight and to die in order to seek My pleasure and blessings? Do not forget that your God is fully aware of what you say and what you keep as secret in your heart
60:2  Know that the disbelievers are your true enemies. Their main intention is to hurt you physically and verbally. They wish to see you as disbelievers again
60:3  Know that in the Day of Judgment neither your children nor your relatives can be of any help to you as God will Judge you separately. God watches everything that you do
60:4  An excellent example has been set for you by Abraham and his companions. They said plainly to their people: “We have nothing to do with you and the idols that you worship instead of your Creator. We denounce you. There will be nothing between us except animosity and hate; until you believe in Oneness of Lord.” Abraham (out of love for his father) made a mistake and exempted his father saying: “I will pray to Lord to forgive you. However, I have no power to protect you from God, if He does not grant my wish.” Their prayer was: “Our Lord, we put our trust only in You, we ask You and only You for help and we know that one day we will return to You.”
60:5  “Our Lord, please do not make us a subject of trial for the disbelievers [in order to give them the chance to choose to persecute us or not in account of our belief]. God Almighty and the Most Wise, please forgive our sins
60:6  Abraham and his companions set a good example of conduct for the one who expect that one Day he will have to present himself before God and that is hopeful that God will help him to succeed his trial. As to those who chose to deny their Lord, let them know that the Most Adorable One is in no need (of them)
60:7  May God establish love between you and your idol worshiper relatives with whom you are in animosity (in account of your religious differences). God is capable of making everything to happen; He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
60:8  As far as those disbelievers who have not fought with you in account of your religion neither have driven you out of your homes, God does not mind if you deal with them kindly and with justice. God loves just people
60:9  God forbids your friendship only with those disbelievers who fought with you because you were Muslims and drove you out of your homes. Those among believers who take such persecutors as friends are indeed unjust
60:10  The believers hereby ordered to test the women who claim have fled the enemy and ask for asylum. God is fully aware of their faith. If you found that they are true believers, do not extradite them to disbelievers. The newly converted Muslim women are not lawful to remain married to disbelievers. Muslim women may not marry the disbelievers. Therefore, return to their ex-husbands the dowers that they have given to their ex-wives. You are encouraged to ask their hands in marriage having paid a dower to them. The Muslim man should divorce his disbeliever wife after having paid her dower. The disbeliever man also should be asked to return the dower of his exwife who has recently embraced Islam. This is God’s command; He rules among you. He knows everything and is the Most Wise
60:11  Whenever you have a victory over the disbelievers and get some spoils, pay the Muslim man has whatever he has spent on his ex-wife who has betrayed him by joining the enemy’s camp. Keep God in mind when you implement His rules
60:12  O’ Prophet, when the believing women from the enemy side come to seek asylum with you and promises to you that they will not associate anything with God, nor steal, nor commit adultery, nor kill (abort) their children, nor fabricate any falsehood, nor disobey your righteous orders, accept their allegiance and pray to your Lord to forgive them. Surely God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
60:13  God hereby orders the believers not to take as friend those with whom God is angry as they are hopelessly stuck in their disbelief. Their case is as hopeless as the case of those disbelievers who are already lying in their graves