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61:1  The Almighty and the Most Wise God is being glorified by whatever He has created in the heavens and in the earth
61:2  O’ you who pronounce yourself the believers, how come your actions differ from your words
61:3  Your Lord resents the inconsistency between your words and your actions
61:4  God is pleased with those who fight for His cause as disciplined soldiers who, in line of duty, look like unpenetratable wall
61:5  Do not forget how your Lord turned away from the Israelites as they turned away from Moses when he asked them why they were challenging him knowing (without any doubt) that he is sent to them by their Lord. God indeed does not guide evil people like them and that is why He made their heart so hard
61:6  Your Lord reminds you of Jesus, son of Mary, when he said:” O sons of Israel, I am a messenger sent by God to you, purifying the scriptures of man added phrases and giving you the good news of another messenger of God who will come after me and his name will be Ahmad”. When this messenger came to them with clear proofs and arguments, they simply said:” This is a magic!”
61:7  God is asking you:” Who is more sinful that the one who adds a phrase of his own to the scriptures and then claims that such a phrase has been sent down by God?” Your Lord Indeed does not guide such an unjust person who claims to “have submitted himself to the will of his Lord”
61:8  The disbelievers will be the most content to see the “Light of God” is being turned off by their words. What they do not realize is that the “Light of God” will keep shining in spite of the fact that the disbelievers resent it
61:9  God is the one who has sent you His messenger to guide you to the right path and to put an end to all existing forged religions even though the disbelievers dislike it
61:10  O’ you who believe, shall I offer you a business deal that will save you from the greatest torture to come
61:11  The deal is: “Believe in your Lord and His messenger and fight for his cause with your money and soul. Know that this is the best advise you will ever get.”
61:12  If you do so, God will forgive your sins and will enter you into the gardens of paradise where the rivers flow and dwell you in the most peaceful houses there. This is indeed the biggest achievement of mankind
61:13  Besides, God is going to shower you with his help and wants you to know that the victory is coming soon to you
61:14  O’ you who believe, be “helpers” of God the same way that the disciples of Jesus answered his call saying:” We are the helpers of God.” The Israelites then were divided into two groups; God will give superiority to those Jews who followed Jesus up to the day of Judgment