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62:1  Everything in the heavens and earth (knowingly/willingly of unknowingly/ unwillingly) glorify God; the King, the Most Sacred, the Almighty, the Most Wise
62:2  God is the One Who chose a messenger from ordinary people among you to recite for you My revelations and to teach you the scripture while you have been in ignorance for the longest time
62:3  This mission of the messenger is also directed toward those to become Muslims; indeed God is Almighty, the most Wise
62:4  God’s choice of Mohammad to this honor indicates that He may shower whoever he wishes with his Grace as God is the Lord of Mighty Grace
62:5  The Jews [who treated their book like a piece of museum without making it the center of their lives] are not different from a donkey that carries tons of books without knowing what it is loaded with; what a bad example for those who reject My revelations. God indeed will not guide those who are unjust
62:6  Say: “O’ you who have chosen the name of Jews [instead of Muslim (submitted to God) as they were called by their own prophets] for yourselves: if you really believe in your claim that you are the “chosen people”, then pray for death [which is a shortcut to paradise without going through the difficulties of life], if you are sincere in your claim
62:7  They are too in love with this world and aware of their wrong doings to wish for death; God is fully aware of the nature of the wicked ones
62:8  Say: “The death that you are trying to avoid will catch up with you sooner or later; then you have to meet your Lord Who knows everything which is open and secret. He will tell you what you have been doing.”
62:9  O’ you have chosen the belief: when you hear the call for the congregational Prayer on Friday, rush to worship your Lord and leave the business for later. This is better for you, only if you knew
62:10  Then when the Prayer is over, spread through the land and ask God to shower you with his blessings and keep God in your mind as much as you can; may you become a true successful one
62:11  Tell to those Muslims who abandoned your Friday sermon to attend a business deal and entertainment: “That what you earn by worshipping God is far superior to what you may gain by closing a business deal or engaging in entertainment activities. Know that God is the best of all providers.”