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63:1  God bears witness that the hypocrites lie when they come to Mohammad bearing witness that he is the messenger of God. God does not need their confession as the Almighty already knows that Mohammad is His messenger
63:2  They hide their evil intentions under the disguise of Islam. How evil of them to try to turn people away from the path of their Lord
63:3  God has put a seal on their hearts so that they do not understand the truth. They are doomed in account of their denial after having embraced Islam
63:4  When you meet the hypocrites, their appearance pleases you. When you listen to them, however, you detect their true nature which is as worthless of a hollow timber dressed up. They are suspicious of any spoken word and take it personally. They are the enemies of Islam; beware of them as they carry the curse of their Lord
63:5  When people advise them to ask the messenger of God to beg God’s forgiveness for them, they make cutting remarks which indicate their false pride
63:6  They do not care whether you pray for them or not. As a matter of fact, God will never forgive them since your Lord does not guide wicked people
63:7  The hypocrites say: “Do not help the Muslims with your economic resources so that they abandon him.” Do not these hypocrites understand that the whole wealth in the universe belongs to Almighty
63:8  The (among them Ibn Ubayy) say : “As soon as we return back to Medina, the “honorable” ones should evict the “weak” ones from the city. They do not realize that all honor belongs to God, his messenger and the believers
63:9  O’ believers, do not let the love for your children and your worldly wealth distract you from the worship of your Lord. Those who fall into this trap are indeed the losers
63:10  Devote a part of your wealth to the charity. Do not be among those who refrain from charity up to the moment of their death when they beg God to give them a little bit more time so that they devote it to God pleasing purposes
63:11  Know that God knows what you are doing and He will not give any extra time in the moment to the person whose time has come to leave