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46:1  Ha. Meem.
46:2  The revelation of the Book is from Allah, the Victorious, the Perfectly Wise.
46:3  We did not create the skies and Earth and all among them without truth and an appointed term. The unbelievers reject that by which they are warned.
46:4  Say, “Do you see what you invoke besides Allah? Show me what they have created on Earth, or do they have a share in the skies? Bring me a Book before this one or any remnant of knowledge if you are telling the truth.”
46:5  Who is more astray than one who invokes any besides Allah? Such [idols] will not answer him/her on the Day of Resurrection, and they are unconscious of his/her call?
46:6  When humanity is assembled, (the idols) will be hostile to them and reject their worship.
46:7  When Our evident signs are rehearsed to them, the unbelievers say of the truth they hear, “This is evidently enchantment.”
46:8  Do they claim that he has manufactured it? [Prophet Muhammed,] say, “If I had manufactured it, then you could not obtain a single blessing for me from Allah. He knows best what you say about it. He is sufficient for a witness between me and you. He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.”
46:9  [Prophet Muhammed,] say, “I am not a bringer of some new-fangled doctrine from among the messengers. I do not know what will be done with me or with you. I follow only that which is revealed to me by inspiration. I am only a lucid warner.”
46:10  Say, “Understand! If this is from Allah, and you reject it, and a witness from among the Children of Israel testifies to its similarity [to the Jewish Bible] and has believed while you are arrogant, truly Allah does not guide unjust people.”
46:11  The unbelievers say of the believers, “If this [message] were a good thing, such people would not have gone to it first, before us!” If they are not guided by it, they will say, “This is an old fabrication.”
46:12  Before this was the Book of Moses [the Torah] as a guide and a mercy. This Book confirms [the Torah] in the Arabic language to admonish the unjust and as good news to those who live righteously.
46:13  Truly those who say, “Our Lord is Allah,” and remain faithful will have upon them no fear or grief.
46:14  Such will be companions of the garden, eternally dwelling therein –a recompense for their deeds.
46:15  We have required a person to show kindness for his/her parents. His/her mother bore him/her with hardship. She gave birth in pain. The carrying of a child until his/her weaning is thirty months. Finally, he/she attains full maturity at age forty. He/she says, “O my Lord, grant that I am grateful for Your favor bestowed upon me and my parents. [Grant that I] may do good deeds that You approve. Make my children righteous. Truly, I have turned to You. Truly, I am among those who submit.”
46:16  Such are they from whom We will accept the best of their deeds and ignore their bad deeds. [They will be] among the companions of Paradise. [This is] a promise of truth that was made to them.
46:17  Someone says to his/her parents, “Phooey on you! Do you promise me that I shall be resurrected even though generations have died before me?” They seek Allah’s help [as they answer]: “Woe to you! Believe! Truly, the promise of Allah is true.” He/she says, “This is nothing but old fairy tales.”
46:18  It is they who have had the truth of the sentence proven against them. [It is the same sentence] that was proven among the previous generations of spirit-beings and people that have passed away. They will be lost.
46:19  To all are degrees according to what they have done so that (Allah) may repay their deeds. They will not be wronged.
46:20  On the day that the unbelievers will be placed before the fire: “You exhausted your good things in the life of the world. You enjoyed them, but today you will be repaid with a penalty of humiliation. You were arrogant on the earth without reason, and you sinned.”
46:21  Mention [Heber], Ad’s brother. He warned his people [who lived] among the sand dunes. Many warners came before him and after him. “Worship no one but Allah. Truly, I fear for you the penalty of an awesome day.”
46:22  They said, “Have you come to turn us away from our gods? Go ahead and bring upon us that with which you threaten us, if you are telling the truth.”
46:23  He said, “That knowledge is only with Allah. I proclaim that [message] with which I am sent, but I see that you are an ignorant people.”
46:24  When they saw a cloud approaching their valleys, they said, “This cloud will give us rain.” No, it is what you wanted hastened. [It is] a wind in which is a terrible punishment.
46:25  [It will] destroy everything by the command of its Lord. Finally nothing could be seen except their houses [all in ruins]. That is how We repay the sinners.
46:26  Certainly, We had firmly empowered them with what We have not given to you [Quraysh]. We had given them hearing, seeing, and consciences. Of no benefit were their hearing, seeing, and consciences when they continued rejecting the signs of Allah. They were encompassed by that which they ridiculed.
46:27  We previously destroyed populations around you, and We showed signs in various ways so they would repent.
46:28  Why did those that they accepted as gods besides Allah, as a means of access to Allah, not help them? (The gods) abandoned them, but that was their deceit and fabrication.
46:29  We turned towards you a company of spirit-beings listening to the Qur’an. When they stood in the presence thereof, they said, “Listen in silence!” When it was finished, they returned to their community to warn.
46:30  They said, “O our community, we have heard a Book revealed after Moses, confirming what came before it. It guides to the truth and to the Straight Way.
46:31  O our community, listen to the one who invites to Allah and believe in Him. He will forgive you of your sins and deliver you from a tragic penalty.
46:32  If any does not listen to the one who invites to Allah, he/she cannot frustrate Allah’s plan on the earth. No protectors can he/she have besides (Allah). Such beings are in evident error.”
46:33  Don’t they see that Allah –who created the skies and Earth, never tiring from their creation— is able to restore life to the dead? Yes, truly, He has power over everything.
46:34  [Said] on the day that the unbelievers are placed before the fire: “Is this not the truth?” They will say, “Yes, by our Lord!” He will say, “Then taste the penalty that you denied.”
46:35  Have patience, therefore, as did the patient messengers of strong will. Do not be in haste about the (unbelievers). On that day, they will see what has been promised them, as if they had lingered [in death] no more than an hour of a single day. Only give notification. Shall any be destroyed besides the sinners?