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45:1  Ha. Meem.
45:2  The revelation of the Book is from Allah. [He is] the Victorious, the Perfectly Wise.
45:3  Truly, in the skies and on the earth are signs for believers.
45:4  In your own creation and in how animals are dispersed are signs for those of faith.
45:5  [There are signs] in the alternation of night and day. [There is a sign] in how Allah sends down sustenance from the sky and, with it, revives the earth after its death. [There is a sign] in the change of the winds. These are signs for those who are wise.
45:6  These are the signs of Allah. We recite them to you in truth. In what recitation, after Allah and His signs, will they believe?
45:7  Woe to each sinful liar.
45:8  He/she hears the signs of Allah recited to him/her, but is as obstinate and haughty as if he/she had not heard them. Announce a horrible penalty for that person.
45:9  When he/she learns something of Our signs, he/she takes them for a joke. For people like that, there will be a horrible punishment.
45:10  In front of them is Hell. Anything they may have earned will not profit them. Any protectors, besides Allah, that they have taken for themselves [will not profit them]. For them is a heavy penalty.
45:11  This is guidance. For those who reject the signs of their Lord is a horrible penalty of condemnation.
45:12  It is Allah who has subjected the sea to you so that ships may sail across it by His command. That is so you may seek His bounty and be grateful.
45:13  He has subjected to you, from Him, all that is in the skies and on the earth. Truly, in that are signs for those who ponder.
45:14  Tell those who believe to forgive those who do not anticipate the days of Allah when He compensates people according to what they have earned.
45:15  Whoever does a righteous deed benefits his/her own soul. Whoever does evil works against (his/her own soul). In the finale, you will return to your Lord.
45:16  We previously granted to the Children of Israel the Book, wisdom, and the gift of prophecy. We provided fine things for sustenance, and We favored them above all other nations.
45:17  We provided obvious signs in matters. They did not differ until after knowledge had been imparted to them, [and they divided into sects] because of the jealousies among themselves. Truly, the Lord will judge among them on the Day of Judgment concerning the matters about which they differ.
45:18  We put you on the ordained way of (religion), so follow it, and do not follow the desires of the ignorant.
45:19  They will be of no benefit to you in the sight of Allah. Sinners protect one another, but Allah is the Guardian of the righteous.
45:20  The evidence is clear for all people, and a guidance and mercy to those of true faith.
45:21  Do those who seek evil ways think that We will consider them equal with those who believe and live righteously –that their life after death will be equal? They use poor judgment [if they think that]!
45:22  Allah created the skies and Earth for a purpose and so that each soul may be repaid for what it has earned. None of them will be wronged.
45:23  Have you seen somebody who takes as his/her god his/her own desire? Allah has knowingly left him/her astray. [He has] sealed his/her hearing and heart and covered his/her sight. Who then will guide him/her after Allah? Will you not then pay heed?
45:24  They say, “There is nothing but our life in this world. We will die and we live, and nothing but time can destroy us.” Of that, they have no knowledge. They just make up things.
45:25  When Our evident signs are recited to them, they have only this argument: They say, “Return our ancestors if what you say is true.”
45:26  Say, “Allah gives you life and then gives you death. After that, He will assemble you for the Day of Resurrection about which there is no doubt. Most people do not understand.
45:27  To Allah belongs the dominion of the skies and Earth. When the day of the [last] hour begins, that will be a day of loss for the falsifiers.
45:28  You will see every nation kneeling. Every nation will be summoned to its Record [of Deeds]: “This day you shall be recompensed for whatever you did.
45:29  “This, Our Record, tells the truth about you. Truly, We have recorded everything you did.”
45:30  Those who believed and performed righteous deeds will be admitted by their Lord to His mercy. That will be the achievement for all to see.
45:31  To those who disbelieved: “Were Our verses not recited for you? You were arrogant and became sinful people.
45:32  “When it was said that the promise of Allah was true and that there was no doubt about the coming hour, you said, ‘We don’t know anything about this hour; it’s just a theory with no evidence to support it.’”
45:33  Their sins will appear to them, and they will be surrounded by everything they used to ridicule.
45:34  It will be said to them, “Today We will forget you just as you forgot your meeting for this day. You will dwell in the fire; no one can help you now.
45:35  “This is because you used to take the signs of Allah as a joke. [It is because] the life of this world deceived you.” From that day, they shall not be removed, and they will not receive grace.
45:36  Praise to Allah, Lord of the skies and Lord of the earth, Lord of all the worlds!
45:37  To Him be glory throughout the skies and the earth! He is the Victorious, the Perfectly Wise.