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96:1  Read: With your Lord’s Name the one who created.
96:2  Created the human from a clinging clot.
96:3  Read: And your Lord is the Most Honored.
96:4  The one who taught by the pen.
96:5  Taught the human what he knew not.
96:6  Nay, surely the human would be tyrannized.
96:7  Because he saw himself self-availed.
96:8  Surely to your Lord is the returning.
96:9  Have you seen the one who prohibits.?
96:10  A worshiper when he prays?
96:11  Have you seen if he was, upon the guidance?
96:12  Or commanded by the piety?
96:13  Have you seen if he falsified and turned away?
96:14  Does he not know that Allah sees?
96:15  Nay, surely if he does not end, We will smite the forelock.
96:16  A liar, guilty forelock.
96:17  So let him call whom he calls out.
96:18  We will call upon The Hell Wardens Angels.
96:19  Nay, surely do not obey him. And prostrate and come near. ۩