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96:1  Read in the Name of your Lord who created!
96:2  He created man from a clinging substance.
96:3  Read! Your Lord is the Most Generous,
96:4  Who taught by the pen,
96:5  Teaching man which he knew not.
96:6  Nay! Indeed man transgresses
96:7  When he sees himself becoming self-sufficient.
96:8  Indeed to your Lord, (O' man), is the return.
96:9  Have you seen the one who forbids
96:10  A servant when he intends to pray?
96:11  Did you see him whether he was on the right path or not
96:12  Or advocating piety?
96:13  Did you see when he had denied and averted?
96:14  Did he not know that Allâh sees?
96:15  Nay! If he does not give up, We will surely drag him by the forelock,
96:16  Lying, sinful forelock!
96:17  Then let him call his associates.
96:18  We will call the ‘Angels of Hellfire’.
96:19  Nay! Obey him not, but prostrate and draw near!