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96:1  Recite in the name of your Fosterer Who created .
96:2  He created man from something that clings and hangs (like a leech) .
96:3  Recite, and your Fosterer is the Most Honourable,
96:4  Who taught with the pen.
96:5  He taught man that which he did not know .
96:6  No, man certainly rebels,
96:7  because he sees himself independent.
96:8  Certainly, towards your Fosterer is the return.
96:9  Have you seen him who forbids,
96:10  when a servant of Allah worships?
96:11  Have you seen, if he is on guidance,
96:12  or enjoins guarding (against evil)?
96:13  Have you seen, if he denies and turns (his back),
96:14  did he not know that Allah certainly sees?
96:15  No, if he does not stop, We will drag him, seizing him by his forelock,
96:16  the denying, sinful forelock.
96:17  So let him call his council.
96:18  We will call the soldiers (guards of hell).
96:19  No, do not obey him but prostrate and draw near (to Allah).