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96:1  Recite with the name of your Lord Who created,
96:2  He made man from the clot of blood,
96:3  Recite, for your Lord is the Most Generous,
96:4  Who taught writing by the pen.
96:5  Taught man what not.
96:6  Yes, undoubtedly, man transgresses.
96:7  Because, he thought himself self-sufficient.
96:8  Undoubtedly, unto your Lord is the return. Taught man what he knew
96:9  Well, you see him who forbids
96:10  A bondman of Ours when he offers prayer.
96:11  well, you see if he would have been on guidance,
96:12  Or he would have commanded piety, what a good thing it had been.
96:13  Well you see, if he belied and turned back, then what would be his condition.
96:14  Did he not know that Allah is seeing?
96:15  Yes, if he desisted not, We will assuredly drag him by catching his forelock hairs.
96:16  forelock of what type, lying, sinful.
96:17  Now let him call his association
96:18  Just now We call Our guards.
96:19  Yes, hear him not and prostrate and draw near to Us.