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96:1  Read with the Name of your Nourisher-Sustainer — That Who created
96:2  He created the human being out of a living matter attached (like a leech) hanging (from the internal surface of the womb)
96:3  Read and your Rabb is More Generous
96:4  That Who taught — with the pen
96:5  thus He taught the human being what he knew not
96:6  By no means ! Verily, the human being, indeed, transgresses the bounds
96:7  as he noticed himself that he has attained self-sufficiency (in all provisions)
96:8  Surely, unto your Nourisher-Sustainer would be the Final Return
96:9  Have you noticed him who prohibit
96:10  (My) Abd when he offered Salat
96:11  Have you pondered if (this Abd) happened to be on Al-Hudah (‘The Guidance’)
96:12  or he enjoined obedience (to One God)
96:13  Have you (ever) thought if (the other one who stopped My Abd from offering Salat), has denied and has turned away
96:14  Did he not know that Allah does see
96:15  By no means! Surely, if he did not desist, indeed We shall seize (him) by the forelock
96:16  a lying, denying, sinful forelock
96:17  Then, let him call his league (or council of helpers)
96:18  soon We call the executioners (to deal with such defiant opponents)
96:19  By no means (such an apostate will become a hurdle in the Way of Islam)! Do not obey him. And do perform prostration and become close and near (to Allah)