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96:1  Read in the name of your Lord Who has created you
96:2  God is the One Who created you from a small piece of thick blood (tiny embryo)
96:3  Read and praise your Lord Who…
96:4  .. taught you how to use the pen [and in this way separated you from other animals who cannot use the pen]
96:5  [Be grateful to your] Lord Who taught man what he did not know before
96:6  What a shame that mankind is ungrateful and…
96:7  … thinks that he is not in need of his Lord and that he has power to do everything
96:8  Beware mankind that one day you have to meet your creator
96:9  Have you seen the one who…
96:10  … prevents his subordinates to worship the Lord? [Like those who do not let people pray at schools or at work place]
96:11  Does it not make sense to such a person…
96:12  … to be on the right path and advocate righteousness
96:13  How dare he to turn his back to the truth (Qur’an)
96:14  Does not such a person know that God is watching
96:15  Let him [Abu Jahl the most persistent enemy of Islam] know that…
96:16  … if he continues his animosity toward Islam, I (God) will grab him by his lying, sinful forehead to the fire
96:17  While he is being dragged to fire,…
96:18  … let him call upon his supporters to meet God’s supporters (angles of punishment)
96:19  Do not follow the enemies of Islam; follow your Lord and fall down prostrate in adoration and draw yourself in this way closer and closer to your Lor