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96:1  " Read " That is to say
96:2  He created man from a clinging organism – See introductio
96:3  Read : and realize that Allah, your Creator is most generous
96:4  He taught by the pen, (the main instrument of learning and knowledge, the instrument of authorship)
96:5  He taught man what he did not know
96:6  But no, man always goes beyond the limits prescribed
96:7  He believes he is independent and not contingent or conditioned by anything else
96:8  But then it is to Allah, your Creator, shall the return be in the end
96:9  What do you think of the one who forbids
96:10  A votary, against praying and against religious observances
96:11  Is he -the infidel- O Muhammad acting on guidance steered by divine inspiration
96:12  Or he enjoins righteousness and piety
96:13  Do you see that he denies the truth and rejects the path of righteousness
96:14  Does he not know that Allah the Omnipresent sees him and every act whether in the very doing or on the point of being done
96:15  But no, if he does not desist We will grasp him and drag him by the forelock overhanging his forehead on a Day of unbroken gloom
96:16  A forehead that is false, pretending to be a forehead of divinity
96:17  And then let him call his associates
96:18  We will call the punitive angels
96:19  But no, do not yield to him, and bow to the ground to Allah in adoration and get closer to Him by supplication