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92:1  And by the night, when it overcovers.
92:2  And by the day when it transfigures shine.
92:3  And what was created, the male and the female.
92:4  Surely your strivings are diverse.
92:5  So as for him who gave and showed piety.
92:6  And ratified by the bestest.
92:7  So We will ease him, for the easy.
92:8  And as for him who skimped and self-availed.
92:9  And falsified by the bestest.
92:10  So We will ease him, for the difficulty.
92:11  And his money will not avail him when he deteriorates.
92:12  Surely it is upon Us to guide.
92:13  And surely for Us are the Last and the First.
92:14  So, I have warned you, fire its flame purifies.
92:15  None will flame in it except the most unhappy.
92:16  The one who falsified and turned away.
92:17  And he will avoid it, the most pious.
92:18  The one who is given his money to refine himself (Give Zakat).
92:19  And not for anyone at him any grace to be recompensed.
92:20  Except seeking his Lord’s face, Al-Aala (The Highest).
92:21  So, he will be satisfied.