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92:1  By night as it envelops [everything with darkness],
92:2  and daylight when things seem radiant,
92:3  and whatever has created the male and the female,
92:4  your effort has been too diffuse.
92:5  For anyone who gives [generously], performs his duty
92:6  and acts charitably in the finest manner
92:7  We shall facilitate an easy way for him;
92:8  while anyone who acts miserably, and feels he is self-sufficient
92:9  and rejects the finest [things in life]
92:10  We shall make it easy for him (to go] the hard way.
92:11  His money will not help him out as he stumbles along.
92:12  Guidance is Our concern:
92:13  to Us belongs the Hereafter and the very First [of life];
92:14  so I have warned you (all) about a raging fire.
92:15  Only the most wretched will roast in it,
92:16  the one who rejects [the Message] and turns away;
92:17  while the most heedful will keep away from it,
92:18  the one who gives his money away and (thereby) purifies himself
92:19  No one is awarded any favor by him [in return]
92:20  except through seeking the countenance of his Lord, the All-Highest.
92:21  [Such a man] shall be pleased [when entered Paradise].