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92:1  By the night as it conceals;
92:2  by the day as it reveals;
92:3  by the male and the female He created!
92:4  Indeed your works are different from each other’s:
92:5  so the one who gives, is mindful of Allah
92:6  and believes in common good,
92:7  We shall make his work easy.
92:8  But for the miserly, who thinks he is self-sufficient
92:9  and denies common good,
92:10  We shall make his work difficult.
92:11  His wealth will not benefit him when he falls into Hell.
92:12  Our role is to provide guidance;
92:13  the Hereafter and the world are Ours.
92:14  I have warned you about a raging Fire;
92:15  where the wicked will go,
92:16  who denied and turned away.
92:17  But the one who was mindful will be kept away from it,
92:18  he gave his wealth in charity to purify himself.
92:19  Not as a payment for favours received,
92:20  but longed for the pleasure of His Lord, the Highest,
92:21  and he will be pleased with the outcome.