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92:1  By the night, when it covers (with darkness),
92:2  and by the day, when it appears in brightness.
92:3  By Him Who created the male and the female,
92:4  surely, your efforts are indeed diverse (different purpose).
92:5  As for the one who gives (in charity), fears Him,
92:6  and believes in the best (deed),
92:7  We will make smooth for him (the path) of ease.
92:8  As for the one who is miser and thinks itself self-sufficient,
92:9  and denies the best (deed),
92:10  We will make smooth for him (the path) for evil.
92:11  Think! what its wealth will benefit when one goes down (doomed)?
92:12  Surely! (It is) on Us to give guidance,
92:13  and surely, to Us belong the last (Hereafter) and the first (this world).
92:14  Therefore, I warn you of the blazing fire (of hell),
92:15  In which none will burn except the most wretched
92:16  who denies (the truth) and turns away.
92:17  But the pious will be far removed from it (hell),
92:18  the one who spends his wealth (in charity) that may grow (for self-purification),
92:19  who has in mind no favor from anyone to be paid back,
92:20  except to seek the pleasure of his Lord, the High.
92:21  Such person will be pleased (with Allah when he will enter Paradise).