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92:1  By the night when it is dark,
92:2  and the day when it is light,
92:3  and the creation of male and female,
92:4  your endeavors are surely diverse.
92:5  As for those who give and are conscientious
92:6  and believe in good and right,
92:7  We will facilitate ease for them.
92:8  As for those who a11stingy and complacently satiated
92:9  and repudiate good and right,
92:10  We will facilitate hardship for them.
92:11  And their wealth does not profit them when they fall.
92:12  For guidance is up to Us,
92:13  and the hereafter and this world are Ours.
92:14  So I warn you all of a fiercely blazing fire:
92:15  none shall enter it but the most villainous,
92:16  who repudiate the truth and turn away.
92:17  And the most conscientious keep out of it,
92:18  they who give of their wealth to become pure,
92:19  without having any favor to be repaid to anyone,
92:20  but only desiring the acceptance of their Lord, the Most High,
92:21  who will surely be pleased.